Have you fallen in love with East Burke, Vermont?
Do you love riding on Kingdom Trails?
Are you looking for your own piece of the Kingdom?

If you answered yes to any of these questions…
we know just how you feel.

The Village of East Burke, J.E. Hale Construction.

J.E. Hale Construction is located in the village of East Burke. Jeff, the owner, has been involved in with Kingdom Trails since its inception. In fact, he served as it’s first Executive Officer back in the late 90’s. Jeff and his family have been living in East Burke for 20 years, just about as long as he has been building and renovating homes there. It is the love of the area (and the riding) that keeps him here.

Now he gets to help others find their little piece of heaven here in the Kingdom. Maybe you already have a piece of land and now you are ready to build. Or, maybe you need help finding the right location. J.E. Hale can help.

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