Idea. Plan. Budget. Build.

The importance of project Planning

Every building project goes through the same steps. First there is an idea, then a plan. What’s the budget? Now we are ready to build.

At J.E. Hale we take great care to plan your project. Being sure it is executed with perfection so you get exactly what you want. And if you are not sure what you want, we can still help you. Our years of building experience give us the knowledge and skills to shape even the vaguest ideas into a finely crafted building solution.

The Idea. Every projects start with an idea. It can be anything from “I’d love to take down that wall,” to “I think it is time to live in a smaller house.” The idea is where it all starts – it all starts with you. Maybe you see something online and say to yourself, “I’d love that in my house.” But where to go from there? Come to us. J.E. Hale will listen to your ideas and help you figure out where to go next.

The Plan.  We can help you refine and define your idea to make a working plan. The plan can come in all shapes and sizes – from a to-do list or a simple CAD drawing to a full set of executable prints, which include architectural, engineering and mechanical drawings. Whether it is a new kitchen or bathroom, an energy efficiency upgrade, a whole house remodel, a new home or garage or a commercial building J.E. Hale will work with you at any level needed to turn your ideas into reality.

The Budget. Every project does not have an endless supply of funds. Therefore, we are serious about getting you the best building at the best price. Capable subcontractors with proven track records of excellence are hired. We advocate for you during every step of the process – from design and permitting through to choosing the finishing touches. J.E. Hale will help you define your budget and take care to explain what we are during every phase of the building process so that there are no surprises.

General Contractors and Builders

Often called general contractors or project managers, we coordinate and supervise all aspects of your project. Overseeing specialized contractors and other personnel. Scheduling and coordinating all processes to ensure a productive and safe work environment. Because of this jobs are completed on time and on budget. As managers we may be tasked with obtaining necessary permits and licenses. It’s our job to keep all the balls in the air and we relish the challenge. We work closely with other building specialists, such as architects, engineers, and trade workers including electricians, HVAC contractors, roofers and carpenters. Projects may require professionals in everything from structural metalwork and painting, to, landscaping and road building or floor laying, and cabinet making. We find you the best.

As Builders we enjoy the process and the hard work. The build process allows us to see the results of all the hard work. The construction process is full of details. Every step of the process leads to another step along the way to the end product.

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