Mid-Century Modern Remodel

Progress is coming along nicely on our Mid Century Modern remodel in Warren. It has been a fun project to work on because of its’ unique style in our northern climate. We have added two new trapezoids on the front of the house, and an additional window in the kitchen, which has really added some natural light into the space.

We’ve replaced all the existing windows and sliders with new Andersen A Series. This house has a lot of glass, and in our climate that’s going to make a big difference on the efficiency and comfort of the home. We went with the Mocha stain to better match the fascia, which looks leaps and bounds better than the 1967 white that was originally installed.

The siding choice made by the owners has made a huge improvement to the curb appeal of the home. Clear western red cedar novelty siding really warms up the overall feel of the house, making it more inviting. The horizontal installation adds to the simple, yet elegant lines of the building.

We will be using steel painted black for the corner trim. This will tie in nicely with the new railing which will be black metal with stainless cables. Keep your eye out for future posts as the deck, and the interior of this home is transformed.

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