Project Planning

The devil is in the details.

Planning to build a new home, or remodeling your existing home? We can take your ideas and turn them into reality. Proper planning and an understanding of the complete project keep a project on schedule and on budget. Our goal is to make the process as stress free as possible. We strive to deliver quality craftsmanship in all that we do while always treating our customers with courtesy and respect. Our experience and resources will ensure your project is managed in the most efficient manner. We are continually furthering our education in today’s building science in order to stay ahead of the curve. Our system, using the steps below, enables us to gather the knowledge and information to allow you to see the project in plans and numbers before it happens so that we can pick a path to meet your wants and needs.

  • Scheduling

    Having a realistic schedule in place prior to the start of a job ensures the job goes smoothly from start to finish. Schedules help to make sure we order all the items with long lead times early and can properly coordinate the subcontractors.

  • Budgeting
    We know that money doesn’t grow on trees. We work with you, the homeowner, to design a project that fits your budget, and keep a sharp eye on the flow of funds throughout the project to make sure we keep those costs in check.
  • Constructability Review
    Performing a constructability review helps to identify critical issues and forgotten details before the project starts. Combining construction knowledge with conceptual design objectives early on will determine if certain project details are valuable, economical or all together attainable.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
    Trying to determine whether or not to make an investment on a renewable energy upgrade? Or even a simple return on investment for a remodel? A Cost-Benefit analysis will give you all the information you need to determine if your time, effort and more importantly your money will ultimately return either via increased energy savings, increased property value at resale, or simply your comfort within your home. Let us help you make this important decision by showing you with the “big picture”.
  • Feasibility Studies
    We can help determine the overall viability of a project or recognize any overlooked steps or considerations before they turn into problems that could potentially derail a project.

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