Wood Fired Pizza Oven

We have just completed the finishing touches on our Habitat Post and Beam home build here in East Burke with the installation of the wood fired pizza oven. This oven is a handmade Mugniani oven kit which came from Sonoma, CA. Olde World Masonry a local masonry company installed the oven and built the block, stone and brick work. Special attention was paid to protect the inside of the finished home, floors were protected and work area was enclosed in plastic masking.  Masonry is dirty work, and these guys did a great job of containing the dust and cleaning up the place on their way out. Granite was used for the floor of the wood box and the lintel above it, and the shelf along the face which sits flush with the level of the oven floor.  We chose a brick with an aged multicolored look to accent the farmhouse feel of the home.

Although this pizza oven was a kit, there was still quite a bit of work to do to support and install the oven, and finish the face seen from inside the room. In the basement area below the wood fired pizza the concrete slab was thickened to support the weight and block work was built from the slab up to the first floor level. Then concrete block was used to build up to the oven floor height and brick and granite made up the visible face. 

There is some break-in time necessary to cure the oven before it can be brought up to full temperature, small fires of increasing temperature over the course of several day is required before it is time for a pizza party. 

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